Pollsmoor Prison is simply brewing with opportunities to share the Gospel and walk with men, women, juveniles, children, and families as they journey towards Christ! The simple act of driving onto the prison premises can fill your heart and mind with the excitement of the potential that awaits!
Hope Prison Ministry has been actively ministering in Pollsmoor for more than 25 years, and our All Nations Pollsmoor Prison Team is privileged to work in partnership with them. Our primary purpose is to make disciples of both the correctional officials as well as those incarcerated, and over the past eight years we have watched God work through a variety of avenues to see this happen.


We initiated Cup of Hope in 2010, a weekly coffee shop open to correctional officers during which time they could take an hour or more out of their work day to talk, pray, be challenged and encouraged by Scripture, or just unwind and debrief with tea and a biscuit. Out of that also grew Studies of Hope, weekly Discovery Bible studies with officers both inside the prison
and in homes.


For three years we championed Adopt-a-Cell, a daily program targeted at the incarcerated juvenile boys during which time they had opportunity to participate in sports, Bible studies, board games, drug and alcohol courses, Alpha, and Restorative Justice, to name a few. Having written a document that was approved by Pollsmoor’s Area Commissioner, we actually had the privilege of “adopting” an entire cell of more than 40 juveniles with our team investing in these young men daily!


Currently we have the incredible honour of actually starting the weekly staff meetings for the correctional officials Monday through Thursday with a 07:00 devotion! What an unheard of privilege to share the Gospel so openly in a government institution! Approximately 300 officers are hearing God’s Word through this time each week, and the door is wide open for even
greater initiatives.


Many prayer initiatives have been implemented in Pollsmoor over many years. The most profound of these is the opportunity to enter one of the five prisons on Pollsmoor on the evening of the first Thursday of each month with nearly three hundred other prayer warriors, worshipping and praying as we walk up and down the corridors of cells, hands and arms extended through the bars as we pass.

God is up to something great! Won’t you come and be part of it?