Ocean View Ministry team

Ocean View

We are working in a community called Ocean View, where about 40’000 coloured (a South African term used for those who are not “black” or “white”) people live. Ocean View is built on a hillside with a truly lovely view of the ocean! The coloured people are lively, loud, good entertainers and have a love for good music and dance. Some great sport talent has also come out of Ocean View in the last years.

There are though also multiple challenges facing the people here. High unemployment, drugs, crime, prostitution and young people falling out of school are daily issues we encounter. There’s also loads of good things happening though! There are people local and “foreign” who are fighting for their community and seeing change happen. God is moving here even if it’s not always seen. 

We want to bring hope and perspective to these people through activities, practical help and mainly bringing them into contact with Jesus, who can truly help them like no one else! We walk with people in discipleship and gather them in Discovery Bible Studies when they are interested to learn more about God. We dream about having a place in Ocean View where the young (and old) can come and do their homework, learn new skills and talk about life and God. Our church in Ocean View is unconventional and brings Jesus to the streets and to the broken people who would never go into a traditional church.