Kommetjie Community Church

“We are simply a group of friends on an adventure with Jesus, living out His dream together. We love God, we love deep friendship and we love inviting our friends to discover Jesus with us. This takes place in homes, on street corners, in schools, around boardroom tables, on the beach and playing ultimate Frisbee. We are based in Kommetjie but have friends from across the valley gathering in each others homes regularly. You can join us in one of three ways:

“Core groups”: Groups of 3-5 friends that meet regularly as peer discipleship groups. This is the heart of our church family.

“Open Table”: We love being hospitable! Every second week 8-12 friends come together around a dinner table.

“Worship meeting”: Every other week we celebrate! These are times of worship, Jesus stories and prayer. An opportunity to love God together.

Please visit our website www.kcchurch.info

 for contact details and links to talks we recommend. Lets make a plan to get together, we would love to meet you!”

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