IsiThembiso | Children of Promise

Children of Promise is a ministry of All Nations that works primarily with….Children.
Our mission is that through radical acts of love and service to the children, we would see them become leaders of their generation and families and help transform the very communities they live in as the follow Jesus.
Right now we are working in the area of Masiphumelele, but one of our goals is that this program will launch into other areas in the next season.
We have an amazing team of people that make this happen;
Momma Wendy (Mamzo) is our director on the ground in Masi.  This was originally her program and her dream.  She has an amazing heart for children.
Sisi Vovo is another local leader that has been with us for many years.  She has a heart of a pastor and evangelist and is continually pushing us towards raising up local leaders.
Lucas, joined us as a volunteer this year and leads our big Friday celebration.
Andrea and Shelby add administrative support to the local team while also looking for more Momma’s in other areas to help spread Children of Promise.
We meet with the same 20-25 children Monday thru Friday.  We feed them.  We help them with home work.  We pray with them. We sing songs with them.  We study the Bible with them.
One day I was sitting with one of our girls.  We were coloring.  It was part of an art project for her school.  On Wednesday we study different characters of the Bible and what their strengths are.  It is a fairly new program and so I am always looking for feedback.  I asked her what has been her favorite topic so far.  “Leadership” she said.  Why is that I asked.  She proceeded to tell me how it was great for her to learn about it and that she had never seen herself as a leader before, but that after learning about she realized that she is one and wants to keep learning to be a better one. That is our goal, making disciples, making leaders.