Internship at All Nations

During my internship I worked in two different townships, Ocean View and Masiphumelele. Both of these places have, on the one hand, become witnesses of drug addiction, crime, abuse and despair and, on the other hand, of hope, joy and perspective. I was hosted from one of the teamleaders in Ocean View who walked with me through my questions, fears, struggles and joys. With her I visited many homes and young people and this created valuable memories for me. It surprised me, how friendly people opened up their doors and shared their live stories. This was often a bonding and heart-warming experience. On the contrary, some stories made me feel very sad. I have talked to many young girls and boys, who do not go to school anymore. They often do not receive the necessary guidance from their parents to get back on track. I loved to encourage them and speak hope into their lives.


But my internship wasn’t always easy for me. I missed my family and friends and normal activities such as driving a car on the left side or buying my groceries took me more energy than usual.But I can say that God has showed me more of his heart during this time and it was worth to invest this time! He showed me more of his compassion for the world. I met new people and broadened my mind. I will never forget the smiles of the kids, especially after they have understood an exercise or when they have hugged me. Additionally, I was often amazed by the beautiful nature and its creations. All this showed me, that God is in control of everything.

Christina Horber (28yrs), Switzerland