February 21- March 25 2018

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FORGE Church Planting Experience is a life-changing training in Cape Town, South Africa.   We help students establish Christ-centered community in a disadvantaged region. It’s more than just a ministry training school – we’ve chosen FORGE as an icon for what happens in this 5 week period: pressure, heat, iron-sharpening-iron, transformation, joy, deep friendship, travel, communal living, sharing parables, healing the sick, baptizing, fellowship around the table, and entering a new culture as a learner… the elements of this experience evoke the imagery of a Master Craftsman at His forge, shaping instruments with loving skill.

This training experience is designed for those that have a clear calling to make disciples and train leaders among the neglected peoples of the Earth. If you have the calling, then we can equip you with the tools to ignite church planting movements.

God longs to see His glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14). His desire is for every person to have an opportunity to know & love Him. He accomplishes this through His people, His church, as we make disciples who make disciples, planting churches that plant churches. CPx is a very training experience. It is intentionally designed to train disciple making church planters that go to places where Jesus is not yet known.

Every Forge church planting experience trains leaders in the following 10 abilities
1. Ability to abide with Jesus
2. Ability to pray passionately
3. Ability to be a healthy person on a healthy team
4. Ability to engage neglected peoples
5. Ability to honour other cultures
6. Ability to share the gospel
7. Ability to make disciples who make disciples
8. Ability to facilitate discipleship groups
9. Ability to catalyze local leaders
10. Ability to ignite Church Planting Movements


4.5 Week Tuition Fees
Tuition fees are determined by country or origin.  To find out which category you are in (A.B or C) please use this link:


Tuition Fees: (in South African Rand)

World C: R11,000
World B: R12,500
World A: R15,000
To Apply:
Please FIRST fill out the following 3 applications in order:



4) Have 2 people (1 Pastor or Employer AND 1 Teacher or Mentor) each fill out the following references and send on your behalf.  Do not fill out yourself

i. Mentor/Teacher Reference:
CPx 2018 Mentor/Teacher Reference Form
ii. Pastor/Employer Reference:
CPx 2018 Pastor/Employer Reference Form

Email us at

to let us know your interest and we will send you the application form

for additional information about this CPx program, also email

Have a read through the blogs from the outreaches of Forge 2016 & 2017 to get inspired!