“The Holy Spirit must come down and Africa will be saved.”

During the last couple of weeks our eyes have become more open to the gripping darkness here in the village, as we became more aware of customs and culture. We are diving into deeper Basotho truths, as we cracked the surface a few days ago – and that all with one dangerous question.

To give more background, we had been going to a neighboring village for a while. There resides a lady who we have prayed for twice. After a DBS* which she attended her knees started giving way. We followed her home and asked if we could pray for her knees. The more we prayed, the more her knees faltered. We quickly realized she was manifesting. Eventually we left after she calmed down and promised to come back. We obviously uncovered more than we realized. The next time around it was a similar story. The moment she saw us her knees gave way again. She was more open this time and started sharing dreams she had had. Dreams of seeing faces in water and having to choose between beads and the Bible. I (Anzel) thought this lady was really opening up. So I asked her a question. “Were you involved in witchcraft?”

This is, as I have recently learned, one of the worst questions to ask as Edward (who is from Malawi) shone some light on the subject. We had a completely different understanding of witchcraft. Asking a question like that could get you in jail. Rookie error.

Although this potentially could’ve gotten us kicked out, or worst in jail, God turned it into something beautiful. In a conversation packed with emotion and vulnerability we had a glimpse of deeper Basotho culture, as we listened and talked about the day. It’s the closest we have ever come to the true heart of what it means to be Basotho.
All of this triggered by an ignorant question that could’ve led to many problems had the lady understood us. We experienced a tremendous breakthrough that night and it touched our hearts deeply.

A few days before we had sung a simple song at a DBS, “The Holy Spirit must come down and Africa will be saved.” Simple, but filled with truth.
As we are more aware than ever before of the darkness that engulfs this village, Lesotho and even the world we are responding by partaking in the inheritance that is promised to us through the Holy Spirit. JESUS was promised to the nations as His inheritance, the ends of the world His possession (Psalm 2:8), and we are made co-heirs with Him. We are stepping into that, with our tears, prayers, obedience and laughter we are expelling the darkness, we are waging a war, fighting the good fight.

“Would you tell them [YOU] that not all hope is lost, even though these are dark days? We are pressed, we are devastated, we are bowling and screaming at the heavens, but we are not yet totally crushed. We are not giving up. We moved here on this side of the world to run toward the violence for such a time as this, to join God in the renewal of all things, for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”
– Jeremy Courtney

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

*Discovery Bible Study

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