Sweet Encouragement

We were blessed to have our pastoral visit from All Nations this week. Our sugar intake has rocketed as we’ve been treated to Smores, Dairy Milk, banana chips… as well as being subjected to silver fish! We have also had a great time of encouragement and perspective on our ministry here. The people in the community loved meeting our visitors, even if they couldn’t grasp Bronwyn’s name (Brainian, or Brown!)

It’s also been an encouraging time in the community this week. We had Shahida, a Muslim lady we are meeting with ask us some great questions including ‘If Adam and Eve hadn’t eaten the fruit in the garden, would humans have still been separated from God?’ She also then said she learnt from the God Story that Jesus forgave her sins. We are believing that she will put her trust fully in Jesus!

We also saw some answers to prayer. We had been praying for people of influence – and Morgan in particular to meet a Sheikh. This week Shadreck met a Sheikh in the community who ended up translating for a DBS with some guys in the market. He asked Shadreck if he was a follower of Jesus and wanted to meet up with him again! We are praying for this man of influence to accept Jesus.

We also saw progress in our recent meetings with Linda, a shy 19 year old. She led the DBS for the first time yesterday and told us how happy she was that God could use her to plant seeds in other people’s lives. We are looking forward to seeing God continue to work in her heart and use her in the community – and are believing we see this across the people we are meeting with.

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