Half-way Hallmarks

Week 5 will be remembered as the week that Morgan ate ants – twice! Firstly in her biltong, and secondly in her oats. It’s a sore subject… In other wildlife news, Sandra discovered the rat in the toilet and we are hastily renaming ‘the cockroach room’ to ‘the king suite’ for the pastoral team’s arrival..

Week 5 also marks the half-way point in our time here, and our focus is on the people we have already met. However an unplanned encounter resulted in Shadreck meeting a group of guys who were building bricks. After he helped them, the workers gathered together and did a DBS*. One guy, Adam, seemed to really enjoy listening to the Parable of the Sowers. After they had finished discussing, Shadreck was surprised when Adam asked ‘how can I share this story?’ before Shadreck could ask the same question! We also found out that one of the guys, Ibrahim, is the son of a family that Sandra and Morgan have been meeting with – and we are looking forward to see God continue to work across the family!

It’s been a quieter week in the community with sorting out visas, and also attending an All Nations gathering of church planting teams. It was an eventful day, firstly with some last minute prep as we discovered we were leading the teaching! We then ran out of fuel half-way up a hill, causing the drivers behind to panic as we started to roll back, and then ended up stuck in a ditch – and getting several other cars jammed next to us. We arrived about 3 hours late – it’s taken us to the half-way point of our trip to finally catch on to African timing! We enjoyed sharing once we got there – and we were grateful for God’s guidance. We had spent some time praying about what we should speak about and all come up with a different topic – and found that they each fitted into All Nation’s core values – ‘Love God, Love one other, Love the lost’. We were also encouraged as we heard stories about what God was doing across the region, and ready for the second half of our outreach!


* Discovery Bible Study

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