“Simple. Slow. Deep.”

“If you could describe Lesotho in three words, what would it be?” asks Ewald. It doesn’t take long to answer. “Simple. Slow. Deep.” As a team we’ve immersed ourselves into the lifestyle here. At first it felt like we were thrown into the deep-end. By now we’re ready for the Olympics. Swimming all the strokes of life here has become second nature. Sometimes we’re also required to hold our breaths for long periods of time (just like we go without showering for long periods of time). By now it’s normal to wait for water to boil, keep your phone on airplane mode and to live with the sun. There’s no show to watch at 7:30, just the simple company of friends and sounds of donkeys making their presence known. These are the times for deep conversations, hikes and long chess games… Isn’t it strange how adjusting to a simple life can be very complicating? This past week we have been blessed with the company of Ewald and Tiaan for our debrief. Not only did these guys bring delightful surprises like chocolate and good coffee, but they brought so much more. They brought along ears to listen, new perspectives, insight, wisdom and even some games to play. What a privilege to have simply shared life with these two – having church, going on a hike, asking questions and even going on an uneventful adventure to a nearly deserted town in the Free State. Through it all Jesus was the binding factor. Our love for Him has brought us together, brought us here, brought them here and will in four weeks bring us together again, God-willing. It’s crazy to think that we’re already halfway. It feels like we have been here for years and like we just arrived yesterday, all at once. With deeper insight we realize that our being here at a time like this is no coincidence. Lesotho is going through a tough political time, and with elections coming up on the 3rd of June prayer will be much appreciated. As an uncertain time awaits Lesotho, we are certain more than ever that God is relentlessly pursuing Lesotho and that somehow we get to play a part! Darkness abounds here, but so does the love of Jesus. We are in expectation of the glory of the Lord to manifest as the bride of Lesotho takes up her rightful place! We ask you to pray that the bride may be strengthened as the war rages on.

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