Feed back time

We were scheduled to leave for Toamasina on the 24th of July by a cargo boat. They told us that the boat will leave at 1 am in the morning. However, we had to board the boat just before 7 pm the previous night in the sea and not in the port. We kept wondering why we had to board the boat that time of night at why at sea. At the end we concluded that they were actually not allowed to take any passengers in this bad weather. However, finally we departed into a small boat heading to the bigger boat at sea.

So this is how our journey back began. The next twenty-one hours we were at sea, with the swell times making it challenging as some of us got sea sick.

Arriving at Toamasina, we used the weekend to rest and visit the Lemur Park.

On Monday, we had a prayer meeting and lunch together with the Mercy Ministries staff and on Tuesday morning the team had a debriefing session with the leader and two of the staff members.

The debriefing focused on the villages in which our team has lived and served in during the last two months. The reason for this debrief was to give Mercy Ministries the platform to continue the work in these villages. We gave feedback about the main challenges in these villages and about the main strongholds. We also spoke about our strategy as a team and what our greatest victories and breakthroughs were. We further discussed the discovery bible study (DBS) groups that started in these villages and how Mercy Ministries can follow up with these groups.

We closed our discussion with prayer for our friends living in these villages. Mercy Ministries plan to send a group to our village in July to follow up on the friendships we have started.

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