Believing for Breakthrough

Don and Machiel have been visiting a family in another village, and they prayed for their sickness and shared stories about miracles. The family then told them that they knew someone who was “mad”, so Don and Machiel planned on visiting her. When they came to visit her, they asked her if she had been visiting the witch doctor. She had, so they asked her to throw away her “medicines” as a step of faith. Her mother brought the medicines and threw them away. Two days later, they visited her again and prayed for deliverance. There didn’t seem to be much change, so they felt led to fast for two days and return. They went back, but couldn’t find her. But, we are all believing for her deliverance this upcoming week.

The woman Jessica and Jordan have been guiding through “Freedom in Christ” was able to make some significant progress this week. They led her through a powerful time of forgiveness for some of the people that have hurt her most in her life. This was very difficult for the woman, but the Lord gave her courage to take the final step towards forgiveness. Afterwards, they burned the papers that contained the details of what had happened as a mark of the newness she had found in Christ.

The team has started including some of the Malawian ministry workers in discovery bible study (DBS) groups as we look forward to “handing over” what the Lord has done during the past 2.5 months. It has been so encouraging to see the groups begin to really catch the vision for continuing in DBS and their roles in reaching their own people. As the time is drawing closer for our departure, we are beginning to say some goodbyes and prepare our new friends for the day we leave.

  • Anthony okello oloo
    Posted at 09:31h, 07 October Reply

    I am a male kenyan by names Anthony okello oloo. I am a saved christian and a non-denominational. I believe in God the Father, the son and the holy spirit, I believe in miracles that God is able to do in our lives, I belive in spiritual and physical transformation and healing. Currently, I am sponsoring the needy and destitutes in there Education and spiritual warfare. The number of dependace is now moving beyond my resources but still I must hang on to Gods calltalent. I am employed as a teacher by the Kenyan government but still my resources for Gods work is stretched beyond limits due to increased demand from the dependants. Advice because I feel like joining you permanently for constant prayers and spiritual nourisment to abide by Gods will for my life.

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